Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who will replace the baby boomers?

A recent report from the Fieldstone Alliance - - commenting on trends that impact upon not for profits in the foreseeable future pointed out that Baby Boomers were the generation that drove the establishing of the nfp sector, at least in countries such as America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and that over the next fifteen or so years these people will be moving into retirement. Who will take over? Will it be the so-called Gen X and Gen Y, those generations typified by my twenty-one year old daughter - young, impulsive, in-your-face, whats-in-it-for-me, i'm in a hurry, don't get in my way, I want to live life my way? This is a generation that grew up knowing that if they wanted something then they had to depend upon their own abilities to achieve it. As such they have developed a 'me-me' attitude. Will this be conducive to providing effective social services? This is a generation that has grown up knowing and believing that they can create their own work, design their own job, move on when and if they feel the urge. Will they be able to put aside their concerns for themselves and provide for the concerns of others? Contribute your thoughts and comments here.