Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Damning report by Perpetual Trust

This report is a 'doosy', an absolute ripper. 1300 survey respondents and more than 50 focus group discussions and guess what the outcome was? Members of governance committees and Boards of Australian not-for-profits were described in the following words - inferior in strategic planning and financial management, self-interested, poorly skilled, involved in petty issues, interfering in management, didnt add value, didnt involve themselves in professional development, had bad relationships with CEO's . . . and the list went on.

As I read over the report and its summary my mind wandered over the activities of the various boards that I have worked with as a consultant and some that I serve on - and I found myself squirming in my seat at the memories.

This report deserves to be circulated to every not for profit board in Australia. It needs to be dissected, discussed, understood and acted upon. I plan to do my bit. I have downloaded the report and will be emailing to board members I serve with. If you would like a copy please email me on